Super Quick Multi-Syllable Rhyme Generator [GOOGLE HACK]

Find Sick Multi Rhymes in Seconds

I show you how to use Google Autocomplete as a multi rap rhyme generator to find abstract multi’s that are commonly missed in rhyme dictionaries like Rhymezone.

Rhyme dictionaries often have a stigma behind them. BUT, most rappers use them. At least at first or when they are stuck.

There is one website tool I recommend everyone to load up right away. It will help us get a solid base and move the learning process along quicker.




Go to it. Leave it open. Check the box ‘near rhymes’ in order to get a list of phonetic family rhymes. After you get further along in this course, you will understand which rhymes are suitable to use and which rhymes are not. BUT this will absolutely enhance your potential to stay interesting and keep your listeners engaged.




Yes, that’s right. This is my never before shared piece of advice for every rapper that has ever existed looking for multis that make sense. I have developed this strategy by utilizing the most used resource of all time. Google.

Use the autocomplete function in Google to find relevant multis that are often used and typed in by everyday people. Since it comes up in the top auto finish options in Google it has been typed in most often. Let’s see how we can use this to our advantage.


Let’s say for example I want to find a good multi rhyme for


There are a couple different ways to do this. Using this method let’s break the word down into syllables. Let’s start with the first two. Which is ‘gator’.

Go to rhyme zone and type in ‘gator’:



Now pick a rhyme you like and go to Google.

I picked ‘Later’, so now type yours into search bar. (**Not the address bar. You have to go to AND THEN type it into the search bar.)



Notice how Google will start to auto-suggest things you might be searching for?

So look through the first list of options. Anything rhyme? Nope. BUT sometimes you will get a rhyme right away. This time we didn’t but we can dig deeper.

If you don’t see anything that rhymes in the first 10 options then put a space and type a letter. You will get more options of commonly typed in phrases or words.

phrases or words 5.png


Start with ‘A’ and work down the list. Now ‘B’. Now ‘C’. Now ‘D’. Okay found one:

okay found one 6.png


Later Days.

Dope. Let’s look some of the options I found, now you try.


Later days

Skater Dave

Neighbour pranks

David Spade

You can keep doing that for quite a while.

Now, another good way to do it is to work backwards.

Start with the end of the rhyme or phrase. The last syllable is ADE. So what rhymes with ‘ADE’? Pick one that works for you, i’m going to pick ‘Base’ as an example.

Now use the same process EXCEPT when you type in Base you are going to leave a space BEFORE the word.

before the word 7.png


Now type in different letters before Base.

When we get to N we see that ‘Naval Base’ is a dope rhyme for Gatorade.


Some examples of what we get for Gatorade is:

Macy Gray

Rate of pay

Change of pace

Saving face

Rainy days

Amazing grace

Naval base

+More that you can think of off the top of your head. This really helps get the creative juices flowing.


Hope this helps someone! Leave a comment below and tell me if it works for ya.