How To Rap Fast Exercises

So i’ve been practicing my articulation and working on rapping faster with the ability to go back and forth with flows. Being able to spit fast helps a ton when you want to add some contrast into your music. Being able to skid into some fast flows when upping the emotion can really get your point across. Similar to how Kendrick does it on Rigamortus and so many other rappers and tracks.


Either way, i’m a huge nerd so i’ve compiled some of the ways people in the auctioneering community, debate communities and hip hop have used to get their mouth moving faster.


Pen Technique


Push a pen back in your mouth horizontally as if you are biting down on it because you are trying to get rid of pain. Make sure it pushes your tongue upwards. Then read something as fast as you can. Start over and read it again. Keep doing this for 5 minutes everyday and you will enunciate more clearly and be able to rap faster. Don’t worry if your tongue starts to hurt, this just means that it is working.


Read Backwards


This technique will help you get rid of the slurred and blurred speech that comes as a result of trying to rap really fast. It doesn’t sound good if you spit super fast but noone can understand what the hell you’re saying. This technique will make you read each and every word. You will be super slow at first, but over time it will help you to focus on each and every word that is being said. A great technique that debate teams use to speak 350 words per minute.


Insert the word “wow” or “a” in between every word you read


What this does is trains your mouth to get back to neutral as fast as possible.


For example:


“What a this a does a is a trains a your a mouth a to a get a back a to a neutral a as a fast a as a possible.”


Say it slow at first and then speed it up.


This helps you clearly articulate words and the difference between them instead of just mashing them together. It’s not appealing to hear rappers rap fast but it all just blurs together. Garbage. This is a tough one, however when you get this down it changes your facial expression every single time you say a word. As you speed it up you will eventually become more articulate in your speech and your raps will come out much more clearly when you are rapping fast.


Breathing technique is key to rap fast


Did you know that using your lower back muscle to breathe will help you generate the most power? Deep breathing is the best possible technique for being able to control your breath when rapping.


Think of a balloon. When you fill it with air and hold the end with your fingers. When you let it go all the air is gone almost right away. But when you slowly start to release the air at a more controlled rate the air will last much much longer. You can rap faster if you have more air to do so. Pretty common sense but not something that rappers focus on. Like ever. Which is sad.


  • Practice by opening your mouth as wide and as much as possible when spitting your verses. This will help it come out much more clear and articulate when you’re rapping fast.


Breath control drill


I wrote out all 50 states below and organized them differently to flow better. Try and spit out all 50 states with one breath. Take a DEEP BREATH and try this 3 times. If you want to notice the difference in deep breath compared to breathing from your chest. Try breathing normally and doing this. And then try taking a deep diaphragmatic breath and do it. You will get further.




New York



















New Hampshire

New Jersey



Rhode Island
















New Mexico

North Dakota

South Dakota



West Virginia


North Carolina

South Carolina

How'd you do? Haha I didn't finish it the first time. But you better believe I kept trying. 


Rapping Fast Tips From Twista


In the book “How To Rap 2” Twista gives some of his tips for how to rap fast. Which I Can appreciate because he’s one of the best fast rappers ever. These are some solid tips though for sure.


  1. Repeat the same lyrics over and over and over


Finding lyrics that are already fast and practicing them to get faster and faster will give you an idea of how you need to use your mouth to get out the words faster. The more you practice it the less effort your mouth will need to use, and the faster you can go.


What happens is you HAVE to cut words short or say them with slang. Articulating is huge still so you have to find a common ground. Often words with a ‘th’ you can pronounce as ‘t’. Like ‘with’ you pronounce as ‘wit’. Or say the word ‘wanted’ you don’t NEED to pronounce the ‘t’ sound so perfectly. There are spots like these you slowly pick up over time that will help you get faster without losing the annunciation.


2. Understand bars and structure


Twista says you have to learn how to count bars. Which is so true. This will help you understand where the emphasis of the syllables go. Whether you’re writing your own or just spitting tech n9ne or eminem, you should know how to count 4 bars on beat. And what the difference is.


Twista says he focuses on 4 bars at a time. This is huge advice because it shows through on 4/4 time signature in hip hop and how 4 beats are in a bar and 4 bars complete an idea.


3. Pick the right beats


There are certain beats that suit fast rap. Generally either really fast beats per minute like 120+ OR really slow at like 60bpm. So if you’re trying to write out a fast rap, you need to make sure the beat will fit with the fast rap style.


4. Record it until it’s perfect


Twista is very open that he is a perfectionist with the recordings and goes through take after take until it’s perfect and exactly what he wants. Don’t be afraid to re-record it if you don’t like it.



Practice and learn at LEAST ONE track from a fast rapper


Which Fast Raps Are The Best To Learn?

Well obviously learning Eminem - Rap God fast part is ideal. This Youtube video I found is super helpful and takes you step by step to learn to rap it solid. Give it a shot and lemme know what you think.


Genius is dope because you can play the track in the top right

And have the lyrics right underneath. OR you can use Youtube vids with lyric scrolls but thats a bit harder.


The best trick for this is run through it over and over again, even use the exercises in this post to work on that one song. Start with the first 4 bars and get them down. Then move onto the next 4 bars. Start by saying the lines at 50% then run through them a couple times. Then ramp it up to 75% and eventually a hundred.


Tech N9ne - Speedom:

Busta Rhymes - Can You Keep Up?

Eminem - Rap God:

Twista - Up To Speed:


Give some of these ones a shot. Start off with the first 4 bars. Say them super slow. Then try implementing some of the techniques I showed you up top and I guarantee you will crush at least one of these out.


This will help you learn how to write a fast rap yourself as well. There is a certain type and style of language you need to incorporate when writing raps fast.