How To Rap Fast - 9 Best Tips

YouTube playback speed

Youtube playback speed is something that can help you learn how to rap fast with literally any song on Youtube. This is not something that is well known, and is new to me as well. But if you go to the options while on a Youtube vid, you can adjust the “playback speed” to play WAY slower than normal.

You can learn the super fast parts of rap songs by repeating it over and over again at half speed and then at ¾ speed and then regular. Even you can go faster to get your skills down even better for the regular speed.

To learn eminem rap god fast part you can do this, it helps a freaking ton. You start to learn what words, and types of sounds the pro’s skip over to make sure their raps are as fast as possible without losing the clarity.

Starting slow is the 100% the best way to learn. Start at like 50% and say it along with the song. Pick a youtube video that has the lyrics on the screen. That is the best way to learn. Slowly speed it up as you go.

I suggest breaking it into chunks to learn the track. Learn one section and then another section and then add it all together at the end.

Before, without youtube playback you would have to upload the song into audacity, or whatever DAW you’re using and manually slow down the speed. Just use the Youtube option, wayyyy easier.


Vowel didadi bididi kamana

Let’s take a quick look at vowels and consonants and stressed and unstressed syllables. One of my favourite examples of practicing this comes in a Big Pun track from back in the day. Where he says:

“Packin a mac in the back of the ac”

And then repeats it over and over again until he starts flying through it and messing up.

But this is a prime example of practicing vowels and consonants sounds that you can say fast. There are so many of them. Here is a list I came up with to practice a variety of the most common types of combinations you can practice to get better at rapping fast.

Vowels: AEIOUY


Some consonants roll off the tongue a little bit faster than the others.


Although you can also pronounce a ‘T’ like a ‘D’ without losing too much of the quality. OR you can pronounce a ‘K’ sound like a ‘G’ without losing too much quality as well. OR even an ‘F’ when brushed over quickly sounds like a ‘V’ For example:

When you say the word ‘PITTER PATTER’ you can say it like ‘PIDDER PADDER’ and it rolls off the tongue better.

When you say ‘THE’ you can replace it with ‘DA’ to get rid of the toughness of speed the ‘TH’ sound has.

Let’s go through a list of exercises you can practice to get most of the combinations down.







You can do this for every vowel and then start mixing in other vowels and consonants. Just to get a feel. If you can do a lot of these already without an issue, then you’re going to be good to go when it comes to rapping fast.

“Abbazabba, you my only friend” - Dave chappelle haha had to throw this in there.

Tongue twisters mess up use different consonants to give your mouth room

There is a reason that tongue twisters exist. It’s because very specific parts of your mouth are used when saying a ‘P’ sound, or any sound for that matter. The quicker you have to keep going back to the same sound it makes it difficult. Peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.

Have you ever heard the saying “just rolls off the tongue”?

That’s because perfect combinations of words when said in a phrase or saying doesn’t over utilize one part of the mouth too much. Or the transition between a ‘G’ and a ‘D’ sound is easier and a transition between an ‘F’ and an ‘SH’ sound. It’s just easier and shorter to give a ‘G’ sound than it is to say a ‘TH’ sound.

It starts to make a lot of sense as you practice different types of fast rapping.That being said, practicing tongue twisters can actually help you when learning how to rap faster. Check out some of these to work on your mouth muscles.

Record yourself to identify Trouble Spots

It’s hard to hear where you’re tripping up while you’re rapping. Even if you think you know, there will be little spots you don’t even notice unless you record yourself and play it back.

It’s probably one of the hardest things to do, but get real, and do it. If you don’t want to listen to yourself, then no-one will. Learn to enjoy what you don’t like, and use that feedback to change it up.

Just use your phone or whatever and throw it into the audio recorder. Don’t cringe too much, and don’t compare yourself to the best and fastest rappers alive. That’s not fair to you.

Rewrite other rappers flows in your own words

You can actually pick apart other fast rappers flows. You can count the stressed and unstressed syllables in each line and where they land. Then take those flows and recreate them with your own words and your own syllables.

I don’t suggest doing this unless you’re just trying to learn how to rap fast, because if you take other rappers flows, you won’t sound unique. It’s best to use this to understand new and cool techniques.

Like for example if you wanted to re-write eminem’s fast part to rap god. It’s a great exercise in understanding the writing process and how to write fast raps.

Shorten unimportant words Like ‘the’ to ‘da’

Slang is important when rapping fast. That’s the reason why logic can sound slightly cheesy because he isn’t putting a lot of slang in there. Slang is good because it shortens words and makes them easier to say. This is what rapping fast is.

So learning all the spots where rappers shorten up their words to save time is important.

Here are some examples of places you can short form or skip to be able to rap faster without losing the ability to get your message across:

  • Turn ‘t’ sounds into ‘d’ sounds

Chew gum

Chewing gum can strengthen your jaw muscles and also help with your tongue dexterity. I’m actually not kidding. The more you use your mouth and tongue, the stronger it gets. Having a strong jaw and tongue will help you switch between consonants easier.

I don’t want to go into any further detail really, this is a weird tip for rapping fast but it legit works.

Sit straight up - diaphragm

I personally like to be sitting down when i’m rapping. Although standing is much better for your breathing. If you are going to sit like me, then sit straight up instead of hunching over and compressing your diaphragm.

The diaphragm is a thin muscle that separates your chest and your abdomen. It’s moves downward when you inhale to create space for your lungs to take in air, and slowly pushes up on your lungs when decompressed to slowly push air out of the lungs.

There are a few ways to breathe, but breathing using your upper chest is one of the bad habits we develop.

Practice breathing with your diaphragm. Check out this video underneath to get a super quick idea on how to do this.

Breathe in deep; exhale slow - ‘h’ makes you exhale more air

Say “Hey how are you?”

Saying the letter “H” actually uses up the most amount of air when exhaling and speaking. Try to skip over using this letter excessively. One really cool tip when practicing your breath control is to deep breath in your belly, and then try to take as long as you can to exhale the smallest amount of air out of your lungs as possible.

Obviously exercising helps with your breath control and your lung capacity. But if you’re looking for alternatives to fixing breath control, try the Wim Hoff Method of breath control. He’s that guy who can submerge himself in buckets of ice for crazy amount of times without his body temperature dropping. Specifically because he has learned how to breathe more effectively.  

How To Write Fast Rap

Writing a fast rap is a completely different animal altogether. But it’s actually not that hard once you get used to stressed and unstressed syllables.



WALK-in the-SPOT-and-im-DROP-in-the-BEAT

The key thing to see here is that one stressed syllables followed by two unstressed syllables is a great way to start learning how to write fast raps. Everything flows well together and nothing sounds incredibly off.

As you get more advanced you can mix and match and even include things like pauses and completely stop rapping to add in rhythm as well.

The key to writing fast rap is to write it to a beat.

In order to write it fast and keep it on beat, is to make sure that the stressed syllables land on the 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 beats. But make sure you hit them consistently or else the flow will be off.

A technique tech n9ne uses is to OVER STRESS the syllables on certain parts of the beats in order to create contrast and make it more interesting to listen to. In order to get good at this you really need to be comfy in writing fast raps. But it adds so much more to writing fast raps, as it’s not monotone and doesn’t sound the same over and over again.