Best Rap Microphone For Computer

Hey, I was recently on the hunt for a USB microphone I could just plug into my computer and spit some decent raps on. I have a condenser, but USB-mics for rap vocals can be handy when you’re on the go. Or if you don’t want to drop a crazy amount of money. So, I thought i’d put together a quick post about what I found was the best rap microphone for your computer.

What is the best rap microphone for computer? The Blue Yeti USB Microphone (check the price here) is the best based on reviews, price and quality combined. It’s not going to make you look super cool, but it will do the trick for getting our some rap vocals. It does gives the option to record in one-direction (cardioid), which is the proper setting that rappers use to record vocals. So that’s good.

The Blue Yeti is great for rappers who cannot afford $400 worth of stuff. It’s also super easy to set up, and you definitely won’t get lost in all the technical details. Just write then record and throw it out to the world.


There are some things that make the Blue Yeti (again, you can check the price here) the best option for rap vocals on a computer. You can adjust the gain (recording volume) right on the hardware, which helps improve recording quality. Lots of USB-mics don’t have this capability, and it’s one of the most important for good recording quality.

If you don’t have a treated room to record in, you can just throw a blanket over your head. This has worked for a bunch of heads on Reddit, so def worth a try if you don’t have the funds. Lol kind of ridiculous looking, but whatever. With USB Mics you will want to get a pop filter. The Blue Yeti Pop filters will go right over the mic like a sleeve and are super cheap on Amazon. Like $10. Plus the actual tech behind the Blue Yeti is solid for picking up vocals.

Will Your Raps Sound Good On A USB-Mic?

The short answer is, yes it’s possible.

The long answer goes into a comparison between USB Mics and XLR microphones. The mics most rappers use to record. The XLR style mic is going to get you better sound. But you can’t plug it right into your computer. You HAVE to buy some sort of audio interface to connect the two. Which is at least another $100 for a decent one.

A USB-Mic like the Blue Yeti will plug into the computer and you can record right away. BUT it’s not going to get you the same quality recording as an XLR. There are a few tricks you can use to get better quality rap vocal recordings though.

Put A Blanket Over You

Alright by far the weirdest way to make the Blue Yeti sound better for raps is to put a blanket over top of you and the blue yeti mic. Obviously, without letting any of the fabric touch the mic.

Use A Pop Filter

You really do need to use some sort of pop filter for a usb mic. Especially for rap vocals. Those ‘P’ sounds can be nasty, but the good news is that pop filters are like $5-15 bucks for the Blue Yeti.

Set The Gain Properly

The ‘Gain’ dial is right on the mic. When you are about to record. In Audacity or Reaper or ProTools or whatever software you have. Check what volume your rap vocals are being recorded at. And aim for -6db.


Use Cardioid Pattern

The Blue Yeti also has settings for which direction it records. But the only one you will be concerned with for rap vocals, is Cardioid. The shape on the mic looks like a little heart. An oval with a little indent. This means the mic is recording in one direction. It will only pick up sounds from right in front of it.

Keep About 6” Away When Rapping

You will definitely want to keep this proximity consistent when recording. This is super important so that your ‘P’ and ‘S’ sounds don’t spike in your software program. Which makes mixing afterwards super hard to do.

Why Is The Blue Yeti The Best?

  • Price is cheap.

  • Table Stand.

  • Records vocals really well.

  • Tons of tutorials on how to get the best sound out of it.

  • Most reviewed and highest reviewed on Amazon at almost 7,000 reviews.

  • You don’t need anything else except a pop filter.

Honestly, I could write a bunch of more technical stuff but you shouldn’t even bother digging into that stuff. Just use the massive amount of reviews and Youtube videos that already have solid results to influence your choice.

Let me know if you grab one and how it’s working for ya. If you’re having troubles getting the quality down, make sure to leave a comment, or shoot me a quick email and i’ll do my best to help out.